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    MensaDad’s Preschool Gametime: June 2010

    Posted by Chris Forbis on Jun-15-2010

    WELCOME to MensaDad’s Preschool Gametime.

    Parents, aunts, uncles, big brothers and sisters, and anyone else who finds themselves gaming around children – keep reading. This is the first of what I hope to be many articles about gaming with children. Little children. Three to Six years old. You know, the age when they want to do everything that mommy, daddy, big brother or sister does. This inevitably ends up at some point being “I want to play the Xbox too!” Having a gamer-heavy household, (my wife, 2 teenage sons and I all have our own [[[Xbox Live Gold]]] accounts) I have a lot of experience with involving my youngest son, three, in our family gaming activities.

    I will cover all the angles from what we expected to work – but didn’t, as well as tips on how to include the tots in games far too “old” for them. The end goal is to take the frustration away for both you and the youngster and have fun together.

    Everyone sitting comfortably? Good. Let’s begin.

    See my complete article HERE at Platform Nation where I cover all of the following:

    [[[Lego Video Games]]] including [[[Lego Batman]]] for Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS, [[[Lego Harry Potter]]], and [[[Toy Story 3: The Video Game]]].

    Also a $30.00 MSRP price reduction on [[[Lego Indiana Jones 2]]] making it only $19.99.